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The only school in Tokyo and Yokohama where all instructors have university degrees in guitar

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The American Guitar Academy of Tokyo and Yokohama welcomes kids!

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International guitar instruction!

We are the only guitar school in Tokyo and Yokohama that provides you with an international learning environment where you can learn guitar in a variety of languages.
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    Many busy Tokyoites have learned to play guitar in our guitar for beginners classes.
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    Jazz, Rock and Roll, Pop, Folk, Blues, R&B, Funk, Classical, Folk, and more… Ukulele and bass lessons are also available!
  • Can’t read music? No worries!

    We welcome everybody from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels. Our instructors are flexible and able to teach any skill level.
  • Lots of free resources and opportunities

    Our students can take advantage of free workshops, live performances, student recitals, our extensive music library, instructional videos, and more!
  • Testimonials

    You can learn many things…

    It is such a valuable experience that I get to learn many things in English from teachers who have lots of overseas experience.  Although I never had the opportunity to study abroad, I am very grateful and it’s like a dream come true that I get to have this experience while working in Japan.  Thank...

    I liked my lessons…

    I liked my lessons at The American Guitar Academy because they made it feel easy and good!!!

    I feel very lucky…

    I took lessons at the American Guitar Academy while working in Japan. I feel very lucky to have found out about the academy and highly recommend it to anyone interested in guitar while in Japan. My instructor was an experienced guitar teacher, and attentive to both my progress and my learning methods. Many times when...

    Now I enjoy playing guitar more…

    I highly recommend learning guitar at The American Guitar Academy. After my first few lessons I was already noticeably much better at playing and was also learning guitar faster than I have ever had before. Plus, now I enjoy playing guitar more than I ever have!

    It’s been about 20 years…

    I started to play the guitar again after about 20 years.  I am enjoying learning from the basics to something that I have never learned before regarding Music Theory.  Not only in just guitar, but now I have a deeper understanding of music over all.  I would like to thank my teacher, Michael Kaplan.


    My guitar classes are great!


    At the American Guitar Academy, not only just learning songs, but I also got to strengthen my foundation and get to learn how to use various of techniques naturally.  It’s such a big difference between a player who gets the basics down compares to a player who doesn’t.

    I am officially a music major…

    I’m doing great and enjoying my time at college. I just wanted to let you all know that I am extremely thankful that I was able to have you as my guitar teachers for about a year, and that I was able to learn from you all. Now that I am officially a music major...

    Keep on Rollin’!!

    Fell in love in the world of Blues, I came to The American Guitar Academy.  I was at a point where self-learning was not enough to take me to the next level on something that I am passionate about.  Thanks to my teacher’s dedicated teaching, after taking some lessons, the barrier to the next step...

    It’s not just guitar, it’s “Music”…

    I am having a lot of fun learning at the American Guitar Academy! My teacher has taught me not only guitar, but what music really is.  I was obsessed with learning techniques and I have forgotten the fun when playing the guitar.  My teacher always reminds me of the fun when I was struggling with...

    Unique instruction…

    I learned the knowledge and techniques not available in any other schools in Japan!