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Email your name to info@theamericanguitaracademy.com for registration.  Looking forward to seeing you there! Roppongi location Directions From Roppongi station 1min walk From Roppongi-Itchome station 9min walk From Nogizaka station 10min walk Address: 2F MH Roppongi, 4-5-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1 minute walk from Roppongi station exit 4a



FREE SEMINAR!! Saturday, October 21st, 3 – 4pm @ TAGA Roppongi studio 10月21日(土)15:00~16:00 @TAGA六本木校 “RESTRINGING”  Learn how to restring your guitar! Bring your guitar! (New strings: ¥500) フリーセミナー『弦交換に挑戦しよう!』 フリーセミナーに参加する! Sign up for free seminar! Or email info@theamericanguitaracademy.com your name 

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The most valuable pieces of equipment you have as a guitarist is not your guitar and amp. It isn’t your Laptop or your stereo either… It’s your ears! We sometimes seem to forget that there is a HUGE benefit in using our ears to work out the right note to a solo, or using our ears to help us develop a new sound or learn a new scale or chord. Learning from chord diagrams and tabs is a great way to get started, but the sooner we start training our ears, the better we will eventually become. Using our ears to learn songs is a great way to hear all …

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“Pat Metheny -Watercolours”

Anri Maruyama

Hey guys, Today we are going to look at the solo of Pat Metheny’s “Watercolours” from the same named 1977 record “Watercolours” released by ECM Records. This tune is a very good example of how Pat is able to play over a fairly easy chord progression with simple ideas and memorable melodies. Everything is kind of “singable” and lick free. The chord progression constantly goes from a AbMajor7 chord to a Gminor7 chord and jumps after 16bars to the same movement for DbMajor7 to Cminor7. The only II-V chord movement you will encounter are in the last 4 bars of the progression, which are Bbminor7 to Eb7. Pay special attention …

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