guitar teacher giovanniGiovanni began studying classical guitar at 10 years old and electric at 14.  After his formative years as a heavy metal guitarist, he joined a private college in Rome at the age of 19 to learn other kinds of music such as Blues, Funk, and Jazz. Giovanni had the opportunity to study with, and attend clinics and masterclasses, with many famous professional Italian and international musicians.

Upon his graduation, he continued his studies at the conservatory in L’Aquila of renaissance lute, baroque guitar, classical guitar, and other acoustic genres such as Bossa Nova, Gypsy Jazz, Flamenco Rumba, and more.

In addition, Giovanni has had a professional career as a performing artist, studio musician, composer, and arranger in a broad range of projects ranging from Pop to Jazz and much more.  The American Guitar Academy is proud to have him as part of our team!



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Unique instruction…

I learned the knowledge and techniques not available in any other schools in Japan!

It’s not just guitar, it’s “Music”…

I am having a lot of fun learning at the American Guitar Academy! My teacher has taught me not only guitar, but what music really is.  I was obsessed with learning techniques and I have forgotten the fun when playing the guitar.  My teacher always reminds me of the fun when I was struggling with …

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Aiko Ishikawa

Keep on Rollin’!!

Fell in love in the world of Blues, I came to The American Guitar Academy.  I was at a point where self-learning was not enough to take me to the next level on something that I am passionate about.  Thanks to my teacher’s dedicated teaching, after taking some lessons, the barrier to the next step …

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B.B. Hikky
B.B. Hikky

Now I enjoy playing guitar more…

I highly recommend learning guitar at The American Guitar Academy. After my first few lessons I was already noticeably much better at playing and was also learning guitar faster than I have ever had before. Plus, now I enjoy playing guitar more than I ever have!