Intensive Music Program & Overseas students

The Intensive Music Program (IMP), offered by The American Guitar Academy (TAGA) in Tokyo, is an intensive 10 week program.  Through various courses provided in different levels, skills and themes, students can study according to their own abilities and goals.

IMP contains:

  • One-on-one guitar lessons
  • Music Theory lessons
  • Sight Singing & Ear Training lessons
  • Fretboard Theory lessons
  • Guitar seminars and workshops
  • Live performance opportunities
  • And more!

Students applying independently are notified of payment details and procedures upon acceptance.

Visa Procedures for overseas students

For foreign students wishing to enter Japan for studies*, each student is required to obtain a short-term stay visa prior to coming to Japan.  Applicants will need to go to their local Japanese embassy or consulate to make their visa application.  All applicants are advised to contact their country’s Japanese embassy or local consulate directly to determine what documents will need to be submitted and how long the process will take.

* Currently, foreign students who require a visa to enter Japan can only enroll in our IMP program.

Living Expenses
Estimated Living Expenses (in Japanese yen)
Housing 150,000
Health Insurance 9,000
Personal Liability Insurance 1,500
Local Transportation* 35,000
Basic Food 120,000
Mobile Phone 15,000
Leisure Activities 100,000
Tuition, textbooks, learning materials, etc 200,000
Total Estimated Costs 599,000

Living expenses will vary depending on each student’s individual lifestyle.  Numerous grocery stores and markets in the local area make self-catering easy. Other costs to consider are housing, health and liability insurance, local transportation, and leisure activities.
* These are estimated costs for students who are commuting by public transportation.

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I am looking forward to getting more new lessons…

My teacher Giovanni plays guitar perfectly well. I am looking forward to getting more new lessons. Please teach me arpeggio and other strumming styles next time!! From Maro. Parent of Maro: 個人レッスンで、個人のキャラクターをみながら上達を促してくれます。 〇Why did you initially choose to take guitar lessons with our school rather than with another school in Tokyo?: Webで拝見してとても楽しそうな雰囲気だったので。日本の一般的な教室の決まりきったプログラムではなく、外国人の先生方ともコミュニケーションをとりながらオリジナリティーのあるレッスンをしていただけると思ったので。
Future guitarist

My teacher is awesome!

unnamed (10)
My teacher is awesome! 〇When did you start  lessons at TAGA:  1.5 years  ago 〇Lesson Style: Pop&Rock guitar 〇Nationality: Canada 〇Age: 50

I am officially a music major…

I’m doing great and enjoying my time at college. I just wanted to let you all know that I am extremely thankful that I was able to have you as my guitar teachers for about a year, and that I was able to learn from you all. Now that I am officially a music major …

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Very happy to discovers and enjoy guitar here!!

Enak Ravasio
Parent of Enak: Very happy to discovers and enjoy guitar here!! Good atmosphere and very good teacher able to adjust to my pace. looking forward to more. Teachers and staff made my son eager to learn guitar. 〇Why did you initially choose to take guitar lessons with our school rather than with another school in Tokyo? …

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