Kids lessons

TAGA Kids LessonsKids lessons are for children under 14 years old.

Our teachers will patiently guide your child from the beginning and soon enough they will be able to play simple pieces and songs while enjoying the experience of learning an instrument.

They may also get to learn different languages while learning the guitar with instructors from different parts of the world.

Private Lessons

4 Lessons per Month

Course Time (min.) Price (tax incl.)
B – Recommended for Ages 11-13 45 ¥17,800
C – Recommended for Ages 10 and under 30 ¥13,800

2 Lessons per Month

Course Time (min.) Price (tax incl.)
B2 – Ages 11-13 45 ¥13,500
C2 – Ages 10 and under 30 ¥10,500


Group Classes

4 Lessons per Month

Course Time (min.) Price (tax incl.)
A – Ages 11-13 60 ¥13,500
C – Ages 10 and under 30 ¥10,500

TAGA Kids Group Lesson


※The one-time registration fee for all kids private lessons and group classes is 5,000 yen.



Click here for group class schedules and to sign up for a class!


I feel very lucky…

I took lessons at the American Guitar Academy while working in Japan. I feel very lucky to have found out about the academy and highly recommend it to anyone interested in guitar while in Japan. My instructor was an experienced guitar teacher, and attentive to both my progress and my learning methods. Many times when …

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It’s been about 20 years…

I started to play the guitar again after about 20 years.  I am enjoying learning from the basics to something that I have never learned before regarding Music Theory.  Not only in just guitar, but now I have a deeper understanding of music over all.  I would like to thank my teacher, Michael Kaplan.

Now I enjoy playing guitar more…

I highly recommend learning guitar at The American Guitar Academy. After my first few lessons I was already noticeably much better at playing and was also learning guitar faster than I have ever had before. Plus, now I enjoy playing guitar more than I ever have!

I am officially a music major…

I’m doing great and enjoying my time at college. I just wanted to let you all know that I am extremely thankful that I was able to have you as my guitar teachers for about a year, and that I was able to learn from you all. Now that I am officially a music major …

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