Mike Stern (Guest Lecturer)

mstern01Mike Stern is a 6 time Grammy nominee American jazz guitarist. After playing for a few years with Blood, Sweat & Tears, he landed a gig with drummer Billy Cobham and then broke through with trumpeter Miles Davis’ comeback band from 1981 to 1983, and again in 1985. Following that he launched a solo career, releasing more than a dozen albums. He was hailed as the Best Jazz Guitarist of 1993 by Guitar Player magazine. At the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal in June 2007, Stern was honored with the Miles Davis Award, which was created to recognize internationally acclaimed jazz artists whose body of work has contributed significantly to the renewal of the genre. In 2009 Stern was listed on Down Beat ‘s list of 75 best jazz guitar players of all time. Stern was presented with Guitar Player magazine’s Certified Legend Award on January 21, 2012. This was given to him at the Muriel Anderson’s All-Star Guitar night where he performed with Lee Ritenour.

Mike Stern has been a guest lecturer for The American Guitar Academy’s guitar seminars since 2015.

TAGA Publishing Presents: Mike Stern: Burn with Stern!


In this video course, Mike Stern will connect the Rock to the Jazz world to you and will bring you back to the basics, but in the right way.  Mike will make you get comfortable with the uncomfortable in Burn With Stern!



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英語でギターが習えることが決め手でした!初心者にも分かりやすく教えてもらえるので安心です。アットホームな雰囲気なので、毎回のレッスンに行くのが楽しみです! 大学院留学というゴールを目指して頑張るモチベーションになっています! 家でも復習したり知識を得られるので、ブログやオンラインの動画、メルマガが役立っています!

He is a very kind teacher!!!!

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My teacher always encourages me during the lessons and he is a very kind teacher!!!! And of course, he is a wonderful guitar performer!!!   〇When did you start lessons at TAGA: 1 year ago 〇Lesson Style: Acoustic guitar 〇Nationality: Japan 〇Age: 34
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