Private lessons

(Age 14+)

TAGA private lessonPrivate lessons provide the student with the opportunity to learn one-on-one with an instructor. Each lesson is aimed at the specific student’s interests and needs. The teacher’s attention is focused solely on the individual to ensure concepts are grasped quickly and efficiently. The student will quickly develop good playing techniques and practice habits.



4 Lessons per Month Courses

Course Time (min.) Price (tax incl.)
A 60 ¥22,300
B 45 ¥19,900
C 30 ¥15,800

2 Lessons per Month Courses

Course Time (min.) Price (tax incl.)
A2 60 ¥16,500
B2 45 ¥14,700
C2 30 ¥12,000

The one-time registration fee for all adult private lessons is 10,000 yen.

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Supplemental Classes

Complement your private lessons with our group Music Theory/Sight Singing and Ear Training classes!  These group classes will equip you with all of the knowledge you need to understand music! You will learn topics such as time and key signatures, rhythms, intervals, chords, standard notation reading, scale construction, and more…

We also have Guitar Ensemble and Live Performance Workshop which will provide students with an opportunity to perform together.  These courses help students develop the two most important assets a musician needs – a good ear and the ability to communicate while playing with other musicians.   **A minimum of 2 students are required for Live Performance Workshop.

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4 Classes per month

Course Time (min.) Price (tax incl.)
Music Theory / Sight Singing / Ear Training 60 ¥15,800
Guitar Ensemble 60 ¥15,800

2 Classes per month

Course Time (min.) Price (tax incl.)
Live Performance Workshop** 90 ¥15,800

The one-time registration fee for the above classes is 5,000 yen when not complementing with another course.

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At the American Guitar Academy, not only just learning songs, but I also got to strengthen my foundation and get to learn how to use various of techniques naturally.  It’s such a big difference between a player who gets the basics down compares to a player who doesn’t.


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アドリブを弾きたいとずっと思っており独学で頑張ってきましたが、限界を感じ門をたたきました。新しいことを教わるたびに、いつも目からうろこが落ちる思いです。ギターの楽しさ、難しさ、奥深さを日々感じさせてもらってます。 〇Why did you initially choose to take guitar lessons with our school rather than with another school in Tokyo?  : 英語とギターをいっしょに学べる。 発表会と毎月のセミナーがある。 〇When did you start lessons at TAGA: 2 and a half years ago  〇Lesson Style: Jazz guitar

Great quality! Great Value! Great People!

Thank you for giving me awesome lessons as always.  Teachers are so sweet and flexible in scheduling and they always give me something new and inspirational.  Great quality! Great Value! Great People! Great quality and knowledge! 〇Lesson Style: Jazz guitar  〇Nationality: Japan

Unique instruction…

I learned the knowledge and techniques not available in any other schools in Japan!

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