Riccardo Riccardo was born in Italy. He started playing classical guitar at the age of 10 and he was admitted to a middle school specializing in music. Riccardo furthered his studies for three years and then applied to a private music school specializing in rock and blues music. He won a scholarship two years in a row with his band “No root” and he had the chance to participate in the European master class “A Young Jazz Prize for Europe”.  After that, Riccardo attended the university of A.Buzzola. He also earned a Master`s degree in jazz guitar studying with some of the best musicians on the Italian jazz scene, such as Bebo Ferra, Riccardo Fioravanti, Stefano Bagnoli, and Andrea Pozza. Riccardo also had the chance to participate in various master classes with Scott Henderson, Mike Stern, Jerry Bergonzi, Tom Harrel, Garrison Fewell, and Robben Ford. He also won the scholarship as best guitar student at “Accademia Del Suono” in Milan.

While residing in Tokyo, he started writing some original music inspired by Japanese kanjis and in February 2014 he was able to tour Japan with his “Wolf Gang 4et” band. The American Guitar Academy is grateful to have Riccardo on our superb team of teachers.


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I liked my lessons…

I liked my lessons at The American Guitar Academy because they made it feel easy and good!!!

Unique instruction…

I learned the knowledge and techniques not available in any other schools in Japan!

It’s been about 20 years…

I started to play the guitar again after about 20 years.  I am enjoying learning from the basics to something that I have never learned before regarding Music Theory.  Not only in just guitar, but now I have a deeper understanding of music over all.  I would like to thank my teacher, Michael Kaplan.

Keep on Rollin’!!

Fell in love in the world of Blues, I came to The American Guitar Academy.  I was at a point where self-learning was not enough to take me to the next level on something that I am passionate about.  Thanks to my teacher’s dedicated teaching, after taking some lessons, the barrier to the next step …

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B.B. Hikky
B.B. Hikky