Ryan graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee USA.  After graduation, he toured the eastern United States with Swing and Traditional Jazz bands. During University he majored in Guitar RyanPerformance with a minor in Songwriting. During his time touring with various traditional jazz bands he was exposed to a variety of American musical styles including Jazz from New Orleans, Chicago, and New York; Blues from Texas, St. Louis, and Memphis; Country/Bluegrass in Nashville, Kentucky, and the Carolinas; and lots of blended sounds along the way. He believes that all styles of music are rooted in the same fundamentals. As Duke Ellington said, “There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind.”

He also worked as a house musician in The Grand Hotel Orchestra on Mackinac Island, Michigan under the direction of saxophonist Dr. Alex Graham. During this time, he developed a large finger-style solo-guitar repertoire and performed a variety of pop and jazz classics with the orchestra. He decided to relocate to Tokyo to pursue interests in language, culture, and of course, music. The American Guitar Academy is proud to have him as part of our team!


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Great quality! Great Value! Great People!

Thank you for giving me awesome lessons as always.  Teachers are so sweet and flexible in scheduling and they always give me something new and inspirational.  Great quality! Great Value! Great People! Great quality and knowledge! 〇Lesson Style: Jazz guitar  〇Nationality: Japan

You can learn many things…

It is such a valuable experience that I get to learn many things in English from teachers who have lots of overseas experience.  Although I never had the opportunity to study abroad, I am very grateful and it’s like a dream come true that I get to have this experience while working in Japan.  Thank …

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Thank you for interesting lessons!

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Thank you for interesting lessons!  Though I’ve been playing the guitar for a while, I didn’t know what to do to become a more skilled player.  Since I’ve started to take lessons here, I found flaws in my playing and how to fix them, finally.


決まったテキストを順に進めるのではなく、毎回先生と相談しながらレッスンを進められるので、やりやすいです。コードを習ったり、コードを使う曲や弾き方を教わったり、タメになる雑談をしたり。 講師や教室の雰囲気がリラックスでき、レッスンの方法もかた苦しくない! 先生が外国の方なので英語が話せるともっと楽しいだろうなあ… 〇When did you start lessons at TAGA: 1 year ago  〇Lesson Style: Acoustic guitar