During challenging times, we are giving you a free lesson simply for giving someone a gift! 


The American Guitar Academy is giving you the opportunity to give a friend a free month of lessons at absolutely NO COST to yourself!


First come, first served!

So here is what we are thinking...


During these challenging times, we would like to join so many others in contributing positively to our local community and the greater world at large.  Therefore, for being the great person that you are, we giving you TWO FREE GIFTS!  One for you and one to give away.

Let someone enjoy music with a free month of four 30 minute lessons.  Please pass it on to a friend, family member, or donate it elsewhere.


Don't waste this chance to give someone a free gift.


You are not only doing a good deed, but you are receiving a gift as well.  Once your gift voucher is redeemed, YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE ONE HOUR LESSON!


What do you have to lose?  It's a win for your gift voucher recipient and a win for you!

Please help us contribute during these challenging times.  Pay it forward by giving someone a free month of guitar, bass, ukulele, or vocal lessons!

Enter details

Pay it forward by entering your name, as well as your recipient's name, email, and phone number.  We will do the rest!

Voucher redeemed

Your gift has given someone the opportunity to learn music for free!

Free lesson for you!

Enjoy your free lesson for being such an awesome person!

I really enjoy the lessons, staff are very friendly and creative and offer tuition that is suitably tailored to my needs, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Ms. Phaovisaid

The teachers are friendly, supportive, and experienced. Due to the ongoing COVID situation, we wanted to have a mix of in-person and virtual lessons and the American Guitar Academy was very accommodating to our request. This hybrid structure has worked out well and we appreciated that the school is forward-leaning and also had the systems in place to make it work. Classes are always fun and engaging.  I would highly recommend the American Guitar Academy!

Malak Mawass

Professional, English speaking and very friendly staff and teachers/musicians. Malak is enjoying her guitar and vocal lessons so much and she has already learned a lot, she plays her guitar at home every day. 


*Current students of The American Guitar Academy or students currently on break do not qualify as recipients. You cannot give this gift to yourself or to the person on whose behalf you received the email relating to this promotion. 

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