guitar teacher giovanniGiovanni began studying classical guitar at 10 years old and electric at 14.  After his formative years as a heavy metal guitarist, he joined a private college in Rome at the age of 19 to learn other kinds of music such as Blues, Funk, and Jazz. Giovanni had the opportunity to study with, and attend clinics and masterclasses, with many famous professional Italian and international musicians.

Upon his graduation, he continued his studies at the conservatory in L’Aquila of renaissance lute, baroque guitar, classical guitar, and other acoustic genres such as Bossa Nova, Gypsy Jazz, Flamenco Rumba, and more.

In addition, Giovanni has had a professional career as a performing artist, studio musician, composer, and arranger in a broad range of projects ranging from Pop to Jazz and much more.  The American Guitar Academy is proud to have him as part of our team!



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I can learn English and the guitar at the same time, so I think it’s like killing two birds with one stone. All the teachers have Individuality and it is interesting. Parent of Ritsu: 先生がみなさんフレンドリーで、楽しくレッスンを受けられています。クラシックだけではなく「コード」「ピック」も学ぶ事ができます。 レッスンの曜日、時間の選択肢が豊富で受講しやすいです。 振替もHPで確認、変更できるのでたいへん便利です。

I am looking forward to getting more new lessons…

My teacher Giovanni plays guitar perfectly well. I am looking forward to getting more new lessons. Please teach me arpeggio and other strumming styles next time!! From Maro. Parent of Maro: 個人レッスンで、個人のキャラクターをみながら上達を促してくれます。 〇Why did you initially choose to take guitar lessons with our school rather than with another school in Tokyo?: Webで拝見してとても楽しそうな雰囲気だったので。日本の一般的な教室の決まりきったプログラムではなく、外国人の先生方ともコミュニケーションをとりながらオリジナリティーのあるレッスンをしていただけると思ったので。
Future guitarist

Thanks to you I love music even more!

I started as a novice beginner (I could not read the score), I really appreciate it is all being taught very politely to me. Thanks to you I love music even more!! The number of classrooms also increased, and time flexibility also works very well, so It is easy to schedule lessons when you are …

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You can learn many things…

It is such a valuable experience that I get to learn many things in English from teachers who have lots of overseas experience.  Although I never had the opportunity to study abroad, I am very grateful and it’s like a dream come true that I get to have this experience while working in Japan.  Thank …

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