Group classes

TAGA Group ClassesGroup classes are ideal for those who like to share the experience of learning with other students.  In each session the instructor works with the class as a group, as well as spending individual time with each student. Group classes are ideal for those who want to start a new learning experience with others who share an interest in music and make new friends.



4 Classes per Month Course

Course Time (min.) Price (tax incl.)
Group 60 ¥15,800

※The one-time registration fee for all adult group classes is 5,000 yen.

Click here for group class schedules and to sign up for a class!


Complement your group classes with our Music Theory/Sight Singing and Ear Training classes! These classes will equip you with all of the knowledge you need to understand music! You will learn topics such as time and key signatures, rhythms, intervals, chords, standard notation reading, scale construction, and more…

We also have Guitar Ensemble and Live Performance Workshop which will provide students with an opportunity to perform together.  These courses help students develop the two most important assets a musician needs – a good ear and the ability to communicate while playing with other musicians. **A minimum of 2 students are required for Live Performance Workshop.

When you choose one of the classes below to complement your group classes, you will receive 20% off from the below prices.  You will receive an even bigger discount by attending all of the classes below.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

4 Classes per month

Course Time (min.) Price (tax incl.)
Music Theory/Sight Singing/Ear Training 60 ¥15,800
Fretboard Theory 60 ¥15,800
Guitar Ensemble 60 ¥15,800

2 Classes per month

Course Time (min.) Price (tax incl.)
Live Performance Workshop** 90 ¥15,800

※The one-time registration fee for the above classes is 5,000 yen when not complementing with another course.

I liked my lessons…

I liked my lessons at The American Guitar Academy because they made it feel easy and good!!!

Looking forward for the next lesson.

After the second class I feel the communication is great, and he teaches me some ways to practice at home that was really helpful. Looking forward for the next lesson. 〇When did you start lessons at TAGA: 1 year ago 〇Lesson Style: Acoustic guitar 〇Nationality: Taiwan   〇Age: 27
Numerical Analytics
Numerical Analytics

It’s been about 20 years…

I started to play the guitar again after about 20 years.  I am enjoying learning from the basics to something that I have never learned before regarding Music Theory.  Not only in just guitar, but now I have a deeper understanding of music over all.  I would like to thank my teacher, Michael Kaplan.

It’s not just guitar, it’s “Music”…

I am having a lot of fun learning at the American Guitar Academy! My teacher has taught me not only guitar but what music really is.  I was obsessed with learning techniques and I have forgotten the fun when playing the guitar.  My teacher always reminds me of the fun when I was struggling with …

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