One of the biggest challenges that a beginning guitarist faces is how to progress at a reasonable rate.  First, let`s define what a “reasonable rate” is.  This depends on the person but it is our belief that as long as you are progressing, how fast is rather irrelevant.


We propose, and have seen from our teaching experience, that the following method works:


You must practice consistently every day.  Practicing every day for 15-30 minutes is far better than practicing 1-2 hours on the weekend when you are off from work or school and have more free time.  Remember the phrase “Consistency is better than Quantity.”  Then the question, which we will explore in depth in another article and video, is how to practice.  How do I get the most out of the limited amount of time that I have to practice?  Why can professional musicians learn something in 5 minutes whereas it might take the beginner who does not know how to practice 15 minutes.  The reason for this is that professional musicians know how to practice.  Knowing how to practice is an art form in itself and is quintessential to being able to progress at a rate that is acceptable for you.


Let’s look at it from the standpoint of someone who goes to the gym to workout.  The person tries to go to the gym as much as possible.  It would be absurd to go to the gym on the weekend for 2-3 hours and then not go and miss the next 3-4 days. Your muscles will not grow at a “reasonable” rate of expectation.  It is the same for the muscle memory of your fingers.


Therefore, if you practice every day, consistently, you will certainly see steady upwards progress.  If you are doing this and are not seeing the results you desire it could be for 2 reasons.  Firstly, you are practicing the wrong way.  Secondly, if you are practicing correctly and are not progressing at a rate that is reasonable and acceptable for you then you need to step up your practice and practice for longer.

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