Hey everybody and welcome to my newest blog entry. Today I want to talk about a topic that still irritates a lot of people and might be the root cause of confusion when it comes to learning scales and chords, which is your neck geometry.

No worries, we won`t analyze architectural Skyscrapers or anything like that, it is simply about finding and recognizing intervals on your guitar fretboard. I sometimes think that guitar players struggle not only with their tonal orientation, but also the actual visual location of certain notes. You don`t want to spend hours just finding a major third, minor sixth or perfect fourth on your instrument and it can be very helpful to know your way around the neck, especially when you try to create new chords, melodic motifs, scale practicing, etc…

Do not underestimate this part of playing the guitar. Just sit down, for an hour or two, visually memorize these diagrams and have this guitaristic issue handled once and for all in your life. Memorizing these intervals maybe doesn`t make you the next frontman of a boyband or lady slayer (although that`s debatable…), but it will definitely simplify your life as a guitarist/musician, no matter what style you are playing.

All the best and sayonara,


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