Seasonal problems related to weather

Hi everyone,

as you all have probably noticed the weather is changing, spring is coming and with that also problems for us guitarists are coming.

Have you ever noticed that when the weather changes suddenly and the air becomes more humid or dry, your guitar condition changes also? That’s because your guitar is for the most part made of an alive material : wood.

I try to fix small problems like truss rod, neck angle and strings height myself but if you don’t feel comfortable doing so you can bring your guitar to a repair shop. Having your guitar checked – even just once or a couple of times a year- is important.

Every year around September I adjust the truss-rod of my Heritage a little and I usually need to do it again around June.

What I noticed is that depending on what country you are living in, because of its unique weather, you may need to check the truss-rod and the bridge at a different time of year. For example, here in Japan rainy season and summer (when it’s super hot outside but super cold in the trains and stores because of air-conditioning) are the worst periods to bring your instrument around.

A little tip that I’ve learnt is this: every time you’re walking outside in an extremely hot or humid day your guitar neck angle is probably going to change. However, this also means that when you then go inside a place with air-conditioning on, the neck is probably going to go back to its original position. So if you happen to be in that situation just wait 15 minutes or more before thinking about using the truss-rod to solve the problem because you could make it worst. Remember, wood is elastic… and smart.


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