“Pat Metheny -Watercolours”

Hey guys,

Today we are going to look at the solo of Pat Metheny’s “Watercolours” from the same named 1977 record “Watercolours” released by ECM Records.
This tune is a very good example of how Pat is able to play over a fairly easy chord progression with simple ideas and memorable melodies. Everything is kind of “singable” and lick free.
The chord progression constantly goes from a AbMajor7 chord to a Gminor7 chord and jumps after 16bars to the same movement for DbMajor7 to Cminor7. The only II-V chord movement you will encounter are in the last 4 bars of the progression, which are Bbminor7 to Eb7.
Pay special attention on how Pat is using simple rhythmic displacemt like in bar 9-11 or similiar rhythmic ideas like in bar 22-23, in order to connect simple ideas in a natural sounding way.
Next time we are going to look at the second chorus of the tune, so stay tuned.



Click the link below for a pdf companion to this lesson: “Pat Metheny -Watercolours”


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