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Family Plans

Family Plan Prices

Family plans give parents the opportunity to share the fun of learning music with their child in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. You and your child will learn the fundamentals of music including sight reading and rhythm, in addition to learning many classic songs that children know and love.

Our family plans are a popular choice for parents looking to give their child that extra bit of encouragement or support during lessons, or for parents simply looking for a fun and unique way to bond with their child.



Unlike most schools,

we take pride in offering recitals at

no additional cost. 



Enjoy the flexibility of easy rescheduling via TAGA Online, in contrast with most schools that allow only very limited or no rescheduling.


Complimentary Instrument

Your tuition includes free instrument usage during lessons, setting us apart from many other institutions which charge for the privilege. 

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Facility Fee

Our transparent, all-inclusive tuition has no hidden expenses.

Plan FA

Four 60 minute lessons each month

¥ 15,850 
(¥ 17,435 inc. tax)

Plan FB

¥ 14,900
(¥ 16,390 inc. tax)

Four 45 minute lessons each month

Plan FC

Four 30 minute lessons each month

¥ 12,000
(¥ 13,200 inc. tax)

Plan FA2

2 x 60-minute lessons per month

¥ 12,550 
(¥ 13,805 inc. tax)

Plan FB2

¥ 11,250
(¥ 12,375 inc. tax)

2 x 45-minute lessons per month

Plan FC2

2 x 30-minute lessons per month

¥ 9,050  
(¥ 9,955 inc. tax)

※The one-time registration fee for all family plans is ¥5,000 (¥5,500 inc. tax) per person.

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