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Lessons available in person or online!

 We are now offering a choice of in person or online lessons. While most of our students have now resumed their normal in-person lessons, some are choosing to keep their online lessons going for a little longer.  

The feedback from students who have already taken online lessons has been very positive. Several students who had never taken online lessons before were pleasantly surprised. Thanks to screen sharing, teachers are able to point to the score, chord diagrams, or tab as they appear on the student's own screen


Anyone with a smartphone, PC or tablet can take online lessons. No special equipment is required. 

We're also giving free trial lessons to new students online! As well as receiving a completely free, 30 minute trial lesson, you'll also have the chance to ask us anything you like about our school and the various options available to you. Book your free trial lesson here!

If you're an existing student, but have never had an online lesson before, why not give it a try, risk free? If it doesn't work for you after all, then we we'll waive 100% of the lesson fee. If you've never had an online lesson before, don't worry. We'll show you everything you need to know. Simply email us to get started!



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