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Teacher Concerts

Hosted at TAGA Roppongi

We are excited to announce a new concert series featuring performances by our talented teachers. Whether you enjoy rock, jazz, pop, or classical, you can find something to suit your taste and inspire your learning. To attend these concerts, please reserve your seat in advance through the registration box below. Due to space restrictions, we can only accommodate 18 audience members per concert, so don't miss this opportunity to enjoy live music in an intimate setting. TAGA students receive a 20% discount on the ticket price, which is 2500 yen for the general audience and 2000 yen for students. Please bring exact change to the event and be sure to register in advance. We look forward to seeing you at our concert series! 

20% Student Discount - 2000 yen

General Audience - 2500 yen

*Please reserve below

*limited to 18 persons

2023.03.19 - Big & Small - Rio & Ryan - Concert Poster 2.png

Upcoming Concerts


If you wish to attend a concert, please submit this form up to 24 hours before.

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