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Graded Music Exams

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The American Guitar Academy is very proud

to be the exclusive affiliate of RSL (Rockschool Ltd) in Japan.

Beginning in London, RSL Rockschool developed a guitar, bass and drums syllabus for the contemporary musician. They then began offering these exams in the summer of 1991, making it the world’s first graded exam syllabus for popular music.

About RSL

About RSL

RSL Graded Music Exams, Performance Arts Awards and Vocational Qualifications are taught the world over and are renowned for their practicality, flexibility and rigorous academic standards.


When you complete a qualification with RSL, you can be certain that your achievement is recognized the world over.



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The American Guitar Academy is very excited to be the exclusive affiliate of RSL in Japan. We support RSL's Rockschool curriculum for guitar, bass, vocal and ukulele.

Our expert teachers will fully prepare you for your exam, teaching you everything you will need for success on the day.

From assessing your level, introducing the syllabus, and preparing you for the supporting tests, our teachers will be there for you every step of the way.

Exam Info

Exam Info

At each grade, you have the option of taking one of two different types of examination:

■ Grade Exam: a Grade Exam is a mixture of music performances, technical work and tests. You prepare three pieces, and the contents of the Technical Exercise section. 

In addition, you can choose to take either a Sight Reading or an Improvisation & Interpretation test. There is also a pair of instrument specific Ear Tests, and finally you will be asked five General Musicianship Questions.

■ Performance Certificate: in a Performance Certificate you play five pieces. Up to three of these can be Free Choice Pieces. 

The next exam will take place on Saturday, December 14th, 2024 in our Roppongi school.


Examinees will communicate with the external examiner via a video link. 

For candidates wishing to take their exam in Japanese, an native Japanese interpreter will be present.

Closing date for applications: November 11th, 2024


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