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English, Japanese

Alex was born in the United Kingdom and is a versatile musician with a plethora of qualifications and performance experiences under his belt.  

He was self-taught from the age of 13 until he attended a music college in the south of England, then moving on to achieve a First-Class Performance degree with honours from the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, England. During that time, he studied with noted industry professionals such as Michael Casswell, Giorgio Serci, Steve Smyth and Pete Roth.  

After graduating, Alex began touring internationally with ‘80s hair-metal band White Coast Rebels as well as smaller, more intimate shows supporting R&B vocalists, electronic dance artists and an original Ska band who performed at the famous Isle of Wight Festival. Alongside performing regularly, he has taught countless students of all ages and abilities, and has learned to adapt his teaching style to fit students with specific needs where necessary.  

We are delighted to have Alex at the American Guitar Academy!

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