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Korea / Japan

English, Japanese, Korean

Kim started playing the guitar at the age of 15.

He has participated in sessions and live performances of all genres such as jazz, rock, pop and Brazilian music.

He plays a wide range of genres, from solo guitar to band styles. His acoustic guitar playing is highly valued by professional Brazilian musicians, and on electric guitar, he's a sought-after performer in both traditional and modern styles.

Kim studied jazz guitar and music theory under Haruhiko Takauchi. He became immersed in Brazilian styles by joining the samba team Broco Ahastaon, and he also studied Brazilian guitar and percussion in depth.

Kim had successful live tours in South Korea in 2008 and in France in 2011. In 2011, he released a guitar duo album "In A Homely Way". He participated in arranging and playing on Karen Aoki's album "Eternal Melody", which reached the first place on iTunes' and TSUTAYA's jazz charts. In 2017, his new album "The Way Of The Light" was released.

Kim is currently busy as a composer, arranger and performer in Tokyo.

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