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Japanese, English, Spanish, Italian

Sawa's love for music began at a tender age. Growing up with an opera singer mother and a composer/conductor/music teacher father, she embraced the world of melodies and rhythms from an early age. At just three years old, she started playing the piano, and by five, she was learning opera in Italy from William Matteuzzi and Renato Palumbo.

Over the years, her musical talents blossomed, and she performed in Japan and internationally, including with the Padova Veneto Orchestra directed by Marco Titotto.

 In 2012, she graduated from Saitama-prefecture Performing Arts High School (Saitama Kenritsu Geijyutu Sougou Koutou Gakkou) in with a music major. With a thirst for exploration, she traveled and lived in countries like the USA, Spain, and Italy, drawing inspiration from diverse musical cultures.

In 2020, she returned to Japan, and in 2021, she began her journey as a jazz singer, captivating audiences with her versatile voice. She has had the pleasure of collaborating with esteemed musicians such as Takumi Nakayama, Junichiro Okuchi, and performed with a big band at the 25th Green Tea Jazz Festival in 2022.

TAGA is delighted to have Sawa on the vocal team, where her passion for music will undoubtedly inspire and nurture the talents of our students. 

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