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English, Japanese

Born in Niigata and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Takahiro started teaching himself music at the age of 15. With a keen interest in rock music, he quickly picked up the guitar and started playing in various bands around Tokyo. However, he knew he had to take his skills to the next level if he wanted to pursue a career in music.

At the age of 18, he decided to go to the United States to study music. He chose Florida as his destination and studied with Michael Kaplan, honing his guitar skills and learned more about music theory.

After returning to Tokyo, he continued to perform in jazz sessions and composed songs for live concerts. He also distributed a self-produced CD nationwide, which was well received by music enthusiasts. In fact, some of his compositions were ranked in the Top 50 of the iTunes Instrumental Top Songs of 2020.

Takahiro’s proficiency in various instruments such as the guitar, piano, koto, bass, and more, allows him to offer a holistic approach to teaching music. He can instruct his students on different techniques, theory, interpretation, and diverse music styles. Takahiro is dedicated to sharing his passion and knowledge with his students and helping them develop their own musical skills and abilities.

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