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Aaron Plays Flamenco Guitar

Within the world of music, flamenco is a unique and endlessly fascinating tradition. In particular, the rhythms used in flamenco are quite different to any other style of music.

Flamenco uses dozens of different rhythmic forms, and many of these are based a particular arrangement of accents within a 12-beat cycle. Each form is associated with certain chord progressions, keys, melodic fragments, and often particular lyrics too. Flamenco combines this deeply conservative adherence to these set forms with a fresh and ever-evolving harmonic dimension. In short, it is a living tradition.

Aaron here demonstrates two common and related forms: Alegrías and Cantiñas as arranged and notated by the the UK-based flamenco guitarist Juan Martín.

Aaron is using flamenco 'metronomes' provided by the excellent website Ravenna Flamenco, an excellent resource if you want to learn more about the rich and beautiful tradition that is flamenco guitar.

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