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Aimee's "6 Albums That Changed Me"

Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill

This album was one of my favorites when I was young. I appreciated the unique way she sang and her lyrics were so raw and honest.

Adele: 21

When I first heard Adele, she blew me away. "21" is quite a recent album, but the way she sang inspired me to make adjustments with my own singing to keep up with the times.

Whitney Houston: The Bodyguard - Original Soundtrack Album Album

Whitney is amazing. That’s all I can say. Hearing the songs from this movie opened my eyes to R&B type vocals. My friends and I used to try to copy all the runs and it really helped with my voice training.

Carpenters: Gold - Greatest Hits

This album was more from my parent’s generation, but Karen Carpenter stood out to me because her pitch is immaculate. She was also so young, but her tone was low and quite grown up.

Joni Mitchell: Both Sides Now

Joni Mitchell was one of my mom’s favorite singers and some of her songs inspired me to write my own songs. Joni sings freely and from her heart and life experiences. I think all singers should aspire to be that way.

Amy Winehouse: Back to Black

This album is sassy and well made. You can tell that all of Amy’s songs are true stories and things she’s been through. Amy’s voice is so cool and I think a lot of singers were influenced by her.

I like, too, that she came from a jazz background so her songs and the chord progressions she uses are quite sophisticated compared to most pop songs.

Thanks for reading!

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