Giuliani Fireworks!

Mauro Giuliani was born 239 years ago today, on July 27th 1781 in Puglia, southern Italy. He spent much of his active life in Vienna, where he became a musical celebrity known for his virtuosity and musicianship.

Here Carl plays the final variation from Giuliani's "Variations on a Theme of Handel", Op. 107. Handel's original theme is popularly known as "The Harmonious Blacksmith". For this final variation, Giuliani uses plenty of "fireworks": fast arpeggios, scale runs, and dramatic chords.

Giuliani also wrote many excellent didactic works and studies. Among these are his 120 Right-Hand Studies, Op. 1 which are extremely useful for all levels of guitarist. TAGA Publishing recently filmed a course in which Carl plays all 120 studies. For many of the studies, alternative chord progressions were used, bringing new life and a fresh perspective to these staples of technical development. See the course here: Mauro Giuliani: 120 Right Hand Studies

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