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Learn the Songs You Dream About Playing!

At The American Guitar Academy, we pride ourselves in being able to adapt to the needs and wishes of each student. We know that no two students are the same. After all, everybody has different tastes, preferences, and learning styles. So at TAGA, we adapt to YOU!

Our expert guitar, bass, vocal and ukulele instructors all have graduate level degrees in music and are all highly skilled in transcribing, arranging and adapting music to suit their students' needs. We'll lead you step by step toward achieving your goals, whatever they may be!

As well as drawing on the entire history of music, we also stay right up to date with the latest bands, songs and releases.

"Spring Thief" 「春泥棒」by ヨルシカ (Yorushika) was released just a few days ago for example.

Here's the intro riff to "Spring Thief"「春泥棒」, synchronized with tab and standard notation. Notice the use of right-hand slaps, syncopation, and ghost notes.

So, don't hesitate - let us know what you dream about playing and we'll help make it a reality!

Online lessons are also available!

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