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When the Queen met rock royalty...

On March 1 2005, Queen Elizabeth II hosted an event honoring the British music industry.

Here is the hilarious moment she met four British icons of rock: Brian May, Jimmy Page , Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck.

She seemed very pleased to meet these well-dressed gentlemen, but clearly had no idea who they were. "Are you also a .....?" she asks Page (founder of Led Zeppelin). He answers "I'm a guitarist as well, yes."

May is typically modest, saying "Jimmy's a hero of mine. Led Zeppelin was ...the model." To which the Queen replies, "Oh, well that's nice."

She then moves on to Clapton and Beck, asking them "Have you all been playing quite a long time?" Clapton replies "About…god, 40 years."

May, who had played "God Save the Queen" on the roof of Buckingham Palace a few years earlier, joked "The only alarming thing was how big a fool I would make of myself if it was wrong. I wasn't worried about falling off." We just wonder if she knew that May was in a band called "Queen".

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