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The American Guitar Academy - Logo - Tokyo, Yokohama, Hong Kong

Tokyo  -  Yokohama  -  Hong Kong

 Welcome to the American Guitar Academy!

  • Lessons in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Ask us about your language and we will do our best to acomodate you.

  • Guitar, Vocal, Bass, and Ukulele lessons available.

  • We teach any style of music, at any skill level.

  • We are the only Rockschool certified school in Japan.

In house curriculum                       Certified teachers

All ages and levels                          Multiple languages          

Concert discounts                          Recitals & Events          Testing/certification                       and much more...           


“I have chosen The American Guitar Academy because I knew that there is a big difference when it comes to contents and the way music gets taught in Japan compared to the west.” 


Akira Aokawa

Vocal Singing Lessons, Vocal Coach, Free Trial Lesson
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