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Aaron's Top 5 Guitar Albums

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

1. Jim Hall and Bob Brookmeyer: Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival 1979

Have questions about how to comp or solo in a duo setting? Look no further. Jim is the master of ensemble playing and laid the blueprint for nearly all of the approaches to using the guitar in a modern ensemble that I currently use.

2. Wes Montgomery: Full House

Wes’ album Full House was my first introduction to jazz guitar and I really can’t put into words the respect I have for and the enjoyment I get from listening to his playing. Listening to Wes for my playing is like drinking water is to a human body, it couldn’t be without.

3. Tim Miller: Tim Miller Trio

My favorite teacher to this day and the individual I personally credit with inspiring me to accept and appreciate my own musicianship and musical interests at every level I have been and will be.

4. Bill Evans: The Interplay Sessions

Again Jim Hall’s ensemble playing is so important to this album but in a considerably different ensemble that includes the piano playing of Bill Evans. So much good stuff in the way of techniques and taste.

5. Guthrie Govan: Erotic Cakes

Guthrie Govan to this day makes me want to find new ways to challenge myself as a player and anytime I feel as though I’m lost in my own thoughts and troubles with music or the guitar, I give this album a listen, maybe learn a bit of a song or solo from it and after a solid night of working on it, my head feels cleared and I feel back on track.

Those are Aaron's top 5 guitar albums. How many did you already know? What would your top 5 guitar albums be?

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