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Happy Birthday, Wes Montgomery!

Jazz guitar legend Wes Montgomery was born on this day, March 6th, 1923. Montgomery is celebrated as one of the most influential jazz guitarists ever to have lived. He had an unusual right-hand technique: instead of a pick, he played everything with his thumb, using it both for up and downstrokes. Montgomery had a regular job as a welder and consequently used to practice late at night after returning home from work. His use of the thumb was out of consideration for his neighbors!

Here, Aaron plays Wes Montgomery's "Four On Six". In this video, Aaron demonstrates the use of the loop pedal. With the first tap, the pedal records what you play. Tap it again, and it plays back on loop what you've just recorded. In this case, Aaron records the intro, then has the pedal play it back, using what he's just recorded as the accompaniment for the main melody.

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