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Renaissance Guitar Duet: "Flow My Tears"

This exquisite piece was written by the English Renaissance composer John Dowland (1563 - 1626). "Flow My Tears" is his best known composition.

Our Administrative Coordinator Isako is accompanied here by Carl.

The melody and accompaniment consist of several interweaving lines and overlapping phrases. This results in a work of surprising rhythmic sophistication - a complexity that might not be immediately apparent upon a first listen. When played well however, the piece should sound natural and effortless.

Playing guitar duets is an excellent way to improve your musicianship skills. Having good "ensemble", or being able to synchronize well with a duo partner is extremely important. It's not merely a case of being able to play rigidly in time. The players must listen closely to each other and respond to the way their partner stretches time as the phrases rise and fall. When you're both really rhythmically "in tune" in this way, it's a wonderful feeling: it fact, it feels almost like telepathy!

Click here to download the melody part for "Flow My Tears":

Flow My Tears melody part
Download PDF • 130KB

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